Thursday, May 17, 2007

Tis the season...

...The Season Finale Season that is!! It's that time of year, the time most people in the business commonly refer to as "May Sweeps". I, however, like to call it Season Finale Season! This past week, and next week are chock full of all sorts of big time season finales. On my list alone, there is LOST, Heroes, Grey's Anatomy, E.R., American Idol, Brothers & Sisters, and a few others. Tonight, we saw two of those shows take their summer break bows.
Grey's Anatomy, which aired at 9pm - EST, was possibly the heaviest of all the finales. I'm sure many of you readers out there found yourselves reaching for the Kleenex, I know I did!! There were bombshells being dropped in that episode than in the Korean War!! Next up, was the always exciting E.R. finale, which aired at 10pm est. E.R. always promises to have the biggest and most exciting finale, and in the past couple seasons, I would have agreed with them hands down...but this season was a little disappointing. Sure, we got to see Shane West with his legs cut off, but we missed all the real action there. He was already wrapped up by the time we got to him! Then, the end of the episode left us a with a mild cliffhanger, but do any of us really care if Neela is going to get trampled to death or not? I know I don't! And what about Abby? Am I the only one who thinks she just walked out of County General?

On from tonight's shows! Next week, we have the huge finale we've all been waiting for!! You know what I mean - HEROES!! From what I hear, Creator Tim Kring says that this finale, which finally sees all of our Heroes finally arriving in New York City, is the equivalent of a $90 million dollar action movie! If that doesn't wet your freaking appetite, I dunno what the hell will! Also, the chubby telepath known as Greg Grunberg (Matt Parker), spilled the beans, revealing that the final three minutes of this season are also the first three minutes of next season! What could that possibly mean? NBC's commercials show a big Syler - Peter confrontation, and God knows we've all been looking forward to that for long enough! Maybe we'll finally see them come to blows in the ultimate battle of who's more badass. I'm most excited to see just who it is that actually ends up being the Big Bomb...though my intution tells me the whole thing won't actually go down. With Monday out of the way, we move on to the biggest live finale all year...
AMERICAN IDOL! In one of the most exciting seasons ever, we are down to the two finalists...Blake and Jordin. This past week, we were all shocked to see Melinda Doolittle
ousted, no one as much as Simon Cowell. Tuesday night, the final two will compete against each other, both singing 3 songs, including the song that will be their big first single, in the event that they win. On Wednesday night, we'll see who this year's winner is, but not until we've sat through several guest stars and guest performers. Maybe even some witty banter between Cowell and Seacrest...

But after that...we get what we're all really waiting for.


Nothing promises to be more exhilarating, exciting, and jaw dropping than the big 2 hour "game changer". That's right, show creators Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse promise that this season finale, unlike all the others, will be nothing short of intense. They promise to leave you begging for more, and you will, since the show won't return until February of next year. Fans of the show, all around the world are hoping to finally find out just what the
Others are up to, and where they came from. Will Charlie survive? Will Penny finally find Desmond? Will Jack choose between Juliet and Kate, and where will Sawyer fit in to all of it? And what about the man with more questions circling him than anyone else......John Locke? Is he alive? Is he dead? And what about Jacob??? I realize that Idol will be running up against Lost...but let me tell you right now, I couldn't give two hits of squirrel shits whether Blake or Jordin are the next AI, so long as I find out what the hell is going on around that island...

I'm The Man, and THAT'S what's up!

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