Sunday, November 2, 2008

Barack Obama Birth Certificate Skeptic Constitutional Nutjobs

In two days we will probably know who the next President of the United States is. I don't want to make any predictions, because you really never know how accurate polling is or which way swing states will shake out.

I have noticed one disturbing "movement." Well, shit, I would hardly call a handful of cave dwellers an actual movement. And certainly we've seen many disturbing things this election season.

This one has been boiling under for awhile and never really gotten any traction..because only fucking lunatics care.

That is Barack Obama's Birth Certificate. You see, we all know that Barack Obama "isn't like us." He is a scary Muslim who is not only not a Patriot ( he once left left the house without a flag pin! He also has the AUDACITY to think slavery was wrong!) but is not even an American citizen. Right?

Wrong. Fuck all that bullshit.

Recently I have seen more and more internet petitions and groups demanding that Barack Obama produce his birth certificate ( show us your papers!). If you are among this group, you sir are a fucking nutbag. Do you understand?

I can only think of some very ugly, ignorant, and irrational reasons behind this. They are obvious to me, but I hate to accuse anyone of bigotry or insanity without good reason. Frankly I think these people need serious mental help.

For one thing, John McCain was not born in the United States. There was a little chatter about this in the primary season, but most people ( rightly) concluded that John McCain is a United States citizen who was born to US citizens in a location under US control.

But people are obsessed with Barack Obama's "citizenship." His father was from Kenya. Ok. His mother is an American citizen with a lineage that goes back hundreds of years. In fact, Obama probably has more "Southern heritage" than 99% of the toothless racist rednecks who hate him. He has ancestors who served in the government of the old south and relatives who fought on both sides of the Civil War.

Obama has a "funny name." Newsflash- there are probably 5 billion people in the world with names that sound "funny" to American Rednecks. And there is nothing particularly original about "American culture," except for our concepts of government and individual rights ( which are derived amalgamations of the ideas of previous governments and philosophers).

The concept of America and our brand of Western Thinking comes down to individualism. The idea that each person is judged on his individual merits and personally accountable for his own actions- not the actions of his ancestors. We don't have a formal caste system based on religion, eye color, or your mother's employer. Our rules are supposed to apply equally. Whatever Obama's father or aunt or 2nd cousin did or did not do, should not matter at all. The same goes for McCain.

We are also supposed to be about substance and ideas. Many of Obama's critics accuse him of being an empty suit with no substance, but THEY are the ones worrying about superficial things like his name, the size of his ears, the religion of his distant relatives, whether Michelle called someone a "whitey" on a top secret hidden tape,etc.

But the nutjobs want it both ways. When it comes to a lot of public policy they support "personal responsibility" and rugged individualism. But if you have a funny name or dark skin color, or God forbid a "furriner", you are treated as less than human and held responsible not for your own actions, but are responsible for all your relatives and ancestors ( only the black ones though), pastors ( see previous), 2nd cousins, neighbors, and everyone you have ever met.

John McCain is a divorced life long government employee who finished near the bottom of his class, crashed planes, and raised hell. He married a woman whose family became very rich through the government controlled socialism of legal drug dealing. Mrs. McCain was not only a drug addict but she stole from a non-profit and used her wealth and political clout to punish the whistler blower. John McCain supports the federal government conducting pre-dawn "no knock" raids and the deployment of paramilitary troopers with flashbang grenades and automatic weapons to terrorize cancer patients who use medical marijuana legally in their state. His salary and healthcare have been paid by taxpayers for over 50 years. McCain previously avoided talking about religion and was known for not being a church goer. He stated in the past that if his daughter wanted to have an abortion it would be a "private matter." Recently he apparently spends his Sundays at a Baptist church in Arizona and has been endorsed by extreme theoocrats who oppose The Constitution of the United States and support overthrowing the government and installing "Biblical law."

Barack Obama has been married to one woman and has a traditional family. He has an Ivy league education. His wife is well educated and has been gainfully employed. As far we know she is not a drug addict and her father did not receive government favors so he could sell drugs and give her the proceeds. However she has made the mistake of saying she was "not always proud of my country." Like most people, Obama admits to trying marijuana in his youth. Unlike most politicians he has been candid about it. The Obamas attended a Christian church for a long time. But since it was a "black" church, you know, they aren't real Christians. They Must be Muslims! ( look at that funny name!) The reverend was a military veteran whose served his country 6 years in both the Marine Corps and the Navy. He was part of the medical team that cared for President LBJ. He was a fiery speaker who said some "controversial" things- kinda like your "crazy uncle" who served in the war and says some weird things but you know deep down he's a good guy. But reverend Wright is BLACK! OMG- He hates America!

What I find hilarious is some of the so-called Constitutionalists who insist they are "not racist" while calling Obama things like "half breed n*****" and claiming they only care about The Constitution and The Rule of Law. That's funny considering John McCain has never given a damn about the Constitution. And these fundamentalist bigots only cherry pick the ( obscure or often imagined) parts of the Constitution that support their agenda.

No doubt some of these wackjobs also "follow" Ron Paul. Which is another joke at their expense. Ron Paul has said many times that supporting liberty or "the freedom movement" is not something where you pick and choose. You either support the concept or not.

If you don't like Obama or McCain, how about giving some reasons based on actual ISSUES? Both major candidates have reasons to dislike them without engaging in nutjob paranoid delusional conspiracies and personal attacks. Both are "socialists" and both "pal around" with some shady characters. They have mostly nuanced beliefs and but a few fundamental disagreements. Why not make an informed decision based on that.

In some ways I feel bad for McCain. I have a feeling he is a decent guy, and knows a lot of his supporters are low-life scumbags. But this is electoral politics and Republicans can't win without the nuts ( even George W. Bush knows a lot of those people are fucking lunatics) these days.

Anyone who supports a guy simply because he is a white POW but hates his opponent because he is multi-racial and has a "funny name" and thinks a half-black guy with hundreds of years of American ancestry is a "Muslim" ( not that it should matter anyway) and "not a real American" does not know the first fucking thing about what it really means to actually BE an American.

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