Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Heroes Fans Need To Relax.

Everywhere I read, message boards, magazines, news sites, everyone if bitching about how shitty Heroes is this season. And it makes me really confused because to me, this season is the best yet. What I find dumb is last season, everyone was bitching about how there was a real lack of any kind of villain last season, so this season is based around villains so you would think people would be happy about that right? Nope. Gotta bitch and whine more.

You know what the problem is? Nerds. You can't please them no matter what you do. And a majority of Heroes fans are nerds. No matter how faithful to the comic film makers try to make their comic movies, nerds STILL get pissed off and have to bitch about something. 300 was the most faithful adaption of a comic I have ever seen, so what do nerds say? WAH THERE WAS TOO MUCH SLOW MOTION!! Hey guess what you're talking about adapting something you were a huge fan of, and you know what that is, STILL IMAGES THAT DON'T MOVE AT ALL! So of course, no matter what people do, Heroes is still gonna piss nerds off. They bitches about season 1, then they bitched about season 2. So in season 3 the writers tried to fix everything that people bitched about, and they do. People wanted more Sylar, they got it. People wanted more villains, they got a shitload. People wanted less of this person and more of that person. They got it. They bitch this season about how shitty Hayden Panettieres acting is, which is dumb cause she hasn't acted any different since season 1, so what do creators do last night? Have an entire episode without her except for 1 small scene which was from the first season and she has no lines! So what do they do? Complain about it all. Wah last night was a flashback episode and it was pointless!! No it wasn't I fuckin loved last nights episode. It answered questions that I had, such as is Angela a villain or a hero? Why did Sylar go crazy and start killing off tons of people to begin with? How come one guy can throw blue fire and Claires Mom can throw normal fire? Oh they're related! Makes sense. Done and done.

In my own words, to the complainers out there. Shut the fuck up. This season of Heroes is awesome. So stop whining, and just enjoy the god damn show. Stop reading into it damn much. And to Heroes creators, keep up the work, you're doing just fine.

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