Monday, November 3, 2008

Random Villain Encounters A Flag Burning John McCain Supporter


October 31st.


Phoenix AZ.

It's Halloween, and like an idiot, at the last minute I bolt to a Halloween store to snag a costume. I am standing near the mask section and I overhear some guy asking about an Obama mask, which they are all out of stock on, but they had plenty of McCain masks.... anyways, I browse further away and after awhile I hear some random voice behind me from some guy...

Guy: "Har har you couldn't find that Obama mask huh?!"

Me: "What?"

Guy: "That Obama mask"

Me: " "I wasn't looking for an Obama mask."

Guy: "Har har har yeah I was looking for one too I wanted to wear it and carry around a burning american flag."

Me: "So you're supporting McCain by burning an american flag?"

Guy: "Yeah cause that's what Obama is going to do!"

Me: "No, that's what YOU'RE going to be doing, which shows to me that McCain supporters are also flag burners."

Guy: "No no no no see-"

Me: "Oh no, I do see."

At that point I walk off. Why are people so fuckin stupid? Every voter I have talked to go like this.... people with common sense and are not obnoxious or annoying are the ones I see voting for Obama. But people that are loud and annoying and never shut the fuck up, are voting for McCain. These idiots that are voting for McCain, also voted for George Bush, and we saw how all that worked out.

Don't be stupid.

Vote Obama.

And shut the fuck up.

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