Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Is Dexter the Best Show on Cable?

Last week I asked if True Blood is the best show on cable, but after watching last Sunday's episode of Dexter on my DVR, I'm starting to wonder. The third season is drawing to a close, and Showtime has already order not one, but TWO more seasons of Dexter. What does that tell you right there? This is an awesome fucking show. I've always kind of been on the wall with the character of Dexter, thinking that maybe he falls in to that genre of show leads that you don't like as much as the rest of the cast (e.g. Dawson, Buffy, Michael Bluth, Meredith Grey...), but this season has really been the catalyst that Michael C. Hall needed to bring this character home.

Dexter is very much unlike other television characters right now, in that you can visible see him evolving. The scene around Dexer constantly changes, and with it he adapts, like a true predator would. Watching this process is just as terrifying as it is exhilirating. The addition of Jimmy Smits to the cast was another thing I wasn't too sure of to begin with, but god damn who could've known how awesome the character of Miguel Prado would be? The story arc they have going on right now between Dexter and Miguel is something that I as a viewer never could have anticipated. The supporting cast have each grown as individuals as well, another thing that doesn't happen in to many shows anymore. We're not focussed all the time on Dexter, which is good, because there's no chance for overkill... no pun intended.

Hopefully they can keep up this pace going forward, and I can only imagine the final two episodes this season will leave our jaws hanging on the floor. If you haven't watched Dexter before, you lose. Dexter's first and second seasons are both out on DVD, and if you catch up on them in time, you can view season three onDemand.


  1. What's going to be the best show on cable next week?

  2. Remember when this site was cool and funny? Random and Devon need to start fighting again this is boring. should be its own site.

  3. Don't know yet. Might be Sons of Anarchy. It's shaping up nicely.

  4. Oh and shut the fuck up anonymous.