Sunday, November 9, 2008

Ten Reasons Why Barack Obama is Already the Coolest President Ever.

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet. These are my top ten reasons why Obama will be so much cooler than any other President before him.

  1. He promised his wife he would quit smoking before beginning his campaign. To this day, he has yet to quit.

  2. He collects Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian comics.

  3. He has read and loves every Harry Potter book.

  4. He once ate dog meat, as well as snake, and grasshopper.

  5. He benches 200.

  6. He admitted to using Cocaine and Marijauna as a teen.

  7. He uses a MacBook.

  8. He has said he will install a basketball court on White House grounds.

  9. He just finished paying his student loans 4 years ago, only after his book came out.

  10. He is a huge Bob Dylan fan.

These are my Top 10 reasons for why Barack Obama will easily be the coolest President this country has ever had.


  1. I add these two.

    2. He called himself a mutt which was funny as fuck.

    1. He is wasting NO time on getting things going, day after election he is already holding press conference to get things moving before January 20th.

  2. He's great! I work worth Cirque Du Soleil and I think you should visit if you’re looking to step outside of the box…. It’s a performance piece called “Believe” that explores the mind of Criss Angel that he also co-wrote…I heard they had great costumes in the show.