Thursday, November 13, 2008

Todays Youth Is Full Of Pussies

That's right. Day after day I see today's youth being, well idiots. Kids today lack any and all common sense. On top of that they're mostly all emo kids. And even if they're not all emo they're wearing these jeans called "skinnies"? My nephews, both 13 wear these jeans all the time, looks like they stole them off some sick frail girl. So why are kids today complete wastes? Why do they lack all common sense? Why do they seem like complete pussies? Simple. It is the answer that many angry parents have been screamin about for years. Todays music, movies and TV shows. But not the kind you think.

See, when I was a kid, I had stuff like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, He-Man, G.I. Joe. When I went to the movies, I went to see stuff like this....Today's kids go and see this....
When I was a kid, my brother took me to the movies to go see something that would end up changing my life forever, I went and saw this....Today kids get to go see Beverly Hills Chihuahua? What the fuck? Now don't get me wrong, there are some quality kids movies that still come out, but not the way they used to. Back in the 80s/early 90s. Kids in kids movies talked like actual kids. Calling each other FAGGOT and talkin some shit and pickin on each other, like kids. The Monster Squad is a perfect example of a kids movie, where the kids talked like real kids. But then there the worst part. The source of all this problem.

The fucking music. When I was a kid, we listened to this...Today, kids listen to nothing but this bullfuck....
Really? What the fuck? This rant is based on what I was doing last night. See me and the wife are in the zero hour. Our son is expected to be born pretty much any day now. So we decided to go to Best Buy and stock up on some DVDs for the young lad. I stocked up on the complete series of Masters Of The Universe, Voltron, and The Three Stooges. None of this pikachu bullshit. No musicals. The only thing is, faggot shit like High School Music, and My Chemical Romance, will be forgotten about in a few years. No one will care anymore. While shit that was around when I was a kid, like Ninja Turtles, and Metallica, are STILL kicking ass today. I don't know where this rant is headed, or why, I'm just bored and our other writers are slackers and lazy as fuck and I thought I should write something so i figured why not point out how much pussified todays world is so much in that kids today are growing up to be retarded sissies. The world kicked ass when I was a kid. Today, it sucks and kids have no choice but to deal with it. There's no options.

You know what else I hate? Homeless people that stand by the speaker box in the drive thru asking for change while you're trying to make your order. Hey homeless shmuck don't interupt my day and maybe I'll throw a quarter at your stupid drunken face next time. Get a job. Ass.

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