Monday, November 10, 2008

That Commercial "Keeps Gettin' Better"

It’s sad when a 30 second commercial is actually better than a music video. Christina Aguilera somehow made a lackluster music video where she sits in in front of a “control panel” as different variations of her... well... actually I don’t know what she's supposed to do. I assume that she’s supposed to save the world by calling up herself on the phone. 60s style hippy is one of her options. Let’s ride a bike to save energy! But wait, no! Let’s ride a car with different colored hair! The flower-power idea was scrapped a little too early in the song to be worthy for mockery.

There is some more promise with the actual video, but then you lose it completely. Clearly, they made Christina stand in front of a green screen and didn’t know what else to do so they decided to put some goo behind her. I understand her part as a “superhero” beause it fits the lyrics. But who decided to create her outfit as a really bad Catwoman?

The whole video sounds like a treatment that a kid in fourth grade would make up:
+ I like dancing robots!
+ I like buttons!
+ I like dress up!
+ I like heat sensors!
+ I like goo!

Out of nowhere Christina is advertising her CD at Target. That video is ten times better than the original. It may be a little too literal, but think about it. The color scheme is amazing. It fits her red lips. Her hair looks good as a superhero, not like a crap afro. There’s some playfulness where words like “Bitch” aren’t acceptable, the stereotypical text of “Ahh” is used instead.

I’ll forgive the slight Lady GaGa-esque hair, but what the hell? I get it, MTV really doesn’t show music videos anymore, but it does show commercials. There is always a chance that for the European/Asian market she will make another variation of her video (See Jordin Sparks and Leona Lewis). Make better music videos and maybe you’ll save some time by killing two birds with one stone.


  1. Now THIS is gay!

    Also, funny that you referenced her to Lady Gaga since that's exactly the same shit Perez Hilton has been declaring ever since the VMAs.

  2. Christina Aguilera is hot, therefore this is not gay.

    And you have NO ROOM to talk about someone ripping off another site.