Monday, November 24, 2008

Chinese Democracy Rules- The Genius that is W. Axl Rose

I went to Best Buy like I said I would. I still like buying CDs without listening to the online leaks. Chinese Democracy was well worth the wait. I am going to have a full track by track review later once it sets in.

BTW, Dr. Pepper sucks. I couldn't get through all day. Oh well I guess I will spend the whole damn quarter it costs to just buy a can of Dr. Pepper.


  1. It just keeps getting better. You keep listening to your trend-hopping Panic at the Disco.

  2. It's me who likes Panic at the Disco... but hardly because it's trendy. I don't listen to the radio, or watch MTV or any of those things. I like PATD because to me, they have a good sound, much like many other bands I like. GnR is not my style, so my reaction to it was obviously less friendly than someone who forrays in to heavier rock more often. I'm an indie/folk/pop kind of person. I love bands like The Flaming Lips, and MGMT, and Mates of State. Thats's, to me, where Panic fits in.

  3. For the last time, this is not a new Guns N Roses album. Without Slash, there is no GnR. It is just Axls solo album.