Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Classic Devon Blogs: He'll Contact His Attorneys

Oh man, this was a good one. Yet another time when Devon stormed off and quit. See we had his face as icons on our message board, and he then said if they were not removed, he would be contacting his ATTORNEYS. Oy vey.

You know what bringing all these old blogs back reminds me of? The episodes of Saved By The Bell, when Zack would sit on the stool and tell us about the good ol days and what were about to watch.

Dearly Departed, We are gathered here today, to bid farewell, to this roody poo, candy ass. Devon was a whiney little bitch, he posted, random blogs about, Kevin Costner, Rosie O Donnell, and his friends crappy short films. He claimed shit was his own, even though we thought of it first. He was against posting smut, until I created the NSFW forum and was bringing in hits, he jumped and grabbed onto my coat tails and started posting "smut". And well, he tried to deny all this but, you can not hide from the truth. Facts hurt, truths hurt, and for the 47th time since this blog has been opened, Devon has "quit". See Poor ol Devon would get mad cause I would make fun of his double chins, he would send messages to the other members of this blog crying and complaining about me. No one would care. So as usual, he would quit, cry, take down images, run away, cut, drink wine, listen to shitty emo music. Then come back the next day.

Well this was mostly seen by other members last night, as I was MIA playing in GameSpot tournament for PS3, which I will post about later, as a warning to all to never do a tournament for these retards. But last night the entire blog shut down. Blogger had to restore all our blogs. Images were lost. The annoying part was a major ad company had finally picked up our blog yesterday. Our first night with said company, was lost due to SOMEONE deleting everything. Well all fingers point to someone, but I wont name who, but their name rhymes with Bevon. Devon, Bye you tubby tub of gooey goo. Smooches!


Devon and DMoney who runs the site, just had a little convo. Read on for some hilarious things, such as, Devon claiming his pink face on our message boards has somehow brought us money. Read on for a good chuckle.

Devon: Obviously I have no say over you keeping my name in your site, since it's with a different last name. But legally you're not entitled to use my image on your message board, especially not without my consent, since your message board is a subsidiary of your blog, which does turn a profit.
Devon: I'm parting ways clean. Dunno why I was deleted, or any of that shit... but whatever. Devon: I just want my face off your board.
DMoney: u werent deleted.....whatever u did deleted urself
DMoney: when i got the blog restored u were gone
DMoney: so dont come at me with shit
Devon: I didn't do anything. That's my point.
DMoney: then talk to gmail or blogger about it
DMoney: i didnt do a fuckin thing to take u off, u were gone......period
Devon: You and I weren't the only admins on that blog.
DMoney: on UWR?
DMoney: yeah we were
Devon: DL.
DMoney: well ALL the blogs u were on got deleted
Devon: either way, I'm over it.
DMoney: and someone cannot delete ur gmail
DMoney: or take your images off photobucket
Devon: Some dude who was about to do a link up with you is IMing me asking me to come write for him.
Devon: I took my images off after the fact.
DMoney: why? Guilty?
Devon: OF WHAT?! More like pissed off and betrayed.
DMoney: lmao.......for WHAT?
DMoney: MY blogs were deleted......I had to have google fix shit for me.......when it was back you were GONE
DMoney: period
Devon: like I said man, just take my fuckin face off your board, and we go our separate ways. Otherwise I'll take legal action. It's part of an income producing website, and you're using my image without consent. Period.
DMoney: my board doesnt make jack shit
DMoney: think b4 u speak
DMoney: i'll have obj look at everything
DMoney: you dont want to go there with us
Devon: right, but it's a subsidiary of your site.
DMoney: its linked to it, not a subsidary of shit
Devon: I know what I'm talking about. It's under the same name.
DMoney: it is? funny i read BOILER ROOM BOARD
Devon: Why the fuck would you want my face all over your board anyhow?!
DMoney: no one fuckin knows its you, its a pink fuckin face
DMoney: get over yourself
Devon: Because you all didn't have jack shit without my image to sell.
DMoney: your not a god damn celebrity cause a fuckin site has your FIRST NAME
DMoney: wow
DMoney: WHAT????
DMoney: your image sells shit for us? LMAO
DMoney: i'm sending that to RandomVillain and GC RIGHT away, EVERYone needs to know that
Devon: Go for it.
DMoney: good god, u've got MAJOR issues
Devon: I'll have my attorney contact Blogger and Proboards. Ciao.

Devon signed off at 2:22 P.M.

Oh that wacky Devon.

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