Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Review Update: X-Men Origins: Wolverine

I wrote briefly the other day about the new X-Box 360 game, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, and noted that I was only about halfway through the game or so, so now that I've played a considerable amount more, I wanted to take another quick minute to tell you how you must try this game.

Spoilers ahead...

You battle a fucking SENTINEL man! A full size Sentinel. On a roof, and once you've damaged his feet to where he can't stand up, he does what any Sentinel would do, and takes off in to the sky... with you hanging on for dear life. Once you hit an extreme altitude he swats you off of him, and you begin to sky dive (sans parachute, natch) and you have to duck debris falling away from him, until you land on him and rip off another piece. Repeat process a couple times, and you get an awesome cut scene, in which the Sentinel hits the ground, and then to disable it for good, Wolverine turns himself in to a skydiving bullet and shoots right through it's head.

Not even a couple quick scenes later, and you're fighting The Blob in a grocery store. Now this fight... it's awesome. Blob will try to splash down on to you, and when he does you have to evade and then hop on his back, and then ride him around the grocery store crashing through EVERYTHING. When all was said and done, we were in a huge empty room. It was awesome.

Oh, I wanted to mention the costumes. Throughout the game you'll find Wolverine action figures. Get 3 of each and you unlock the chance to get various costumes. To get the costumes you have to battle different versions of Wolverine in a sort of simulation chamber, and once defeated you unlock the costume he was wearing. I'm currently playing the game with him wearing the classic Yellow & Blue attire and it's bad to the bone. I also unlocked the Legendary Red & Yellow attire.

So, long story short, I still haven't beaten the game. I'm currently battling Gambit throughout a Vegas casino, and it's just as awesome as the rest of the game. I didn't even want to wait til I finished it to write a follow up, just to let you know that I am officially changing my rating to an 8.5 out of 10. This game is WIN. If you liked Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, then you will like this game. SWTFU is one of my favorite games on 360, so it's no shock I love this one too. Check it out!


  1. Why didn't they put all this shit in the damn movie? I think I'll check the movie out on Blu Ray when it comes out. But I might hit the video store and check this game out.

  2. I don't know, the story in the game is far superior to the story in the movie, in my opinion. They run kind of parallel in parts, but then certain things like going to meet Blob or Gambit are a lot different from the movie.