Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ever Take a Ride On...Flash Mountain?

Apparently there's a "phenomenon" of sorts out there that's been going on for a while now, and it involves some classy women taking a Disneyland Trip, going on the famous "Splash Mountain" ride, then when it's drop time, they pull out their boobs and get a nice pic to remember the experience by. "Flash Mountain" is the name given for this act, and a website has even been dedicated to it. Disney is very aware of it, as it's been reported that they hired a special team just to watch for boobs on the ride, and make sure no inappropriate pics make it through, even though some have apparently slipped by. And they've even got a policy for people who gets stuck with some flashers on the ride and are stuck with unwanted boobs in their picture. The party can report the incident to a cast member, and they will be escorted to the front of the ride so they can ride again, boob free. Word has it that recent budget cuts have forced Disney to scale back on their flash watch team, so Flash Mountain could soon be back in full force. The bad part about this is, after viewing the site, it doesn't seem that there are any super model types taking part in the flashing. It's either some large women who otherwise wouldn't be asked by anyone for a boob shot, or else it's an unsuspecting wife or girlfriend who's man decided to pull her boobs out right at just the right moment. This whole idea isn't really fitting for a Disney theme park, and might be one of the only times I'd say boobs are inappropriate. Talk about the most family friendly place in the world, being brought down by some attention starved losers. Nothing better than taking your 6 year old on a dream vacation, only to see some 300 pounders boobs hanging out. The website is, which ensures that these peoples super cool prank has lead to their boobs being shown to millions on the net, and no doubt gaining much...respect...right?

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  1. Random Villain seems to be enjoying himself though.