Thursday, May 14, 2009

We Are Moving

Pack your things kids, we are headed out of this joint. I mean this place, not weed Devon. Calm down.

So while making little blogs, we tend to wanna make a little money on the side, that requires search engine results, ads, and all kinds of goods that are fucked now on this site.

So with that, we are basically starting over on a new site, new blog, similar look, just no more pink. And a new name.

The site is still very much under construction, but by tomorrow everything should be cleaned up and fixed up on there.

So, if you are wondering what the new blog site is called, we took our cue from what you fine readers and one former writer love to think of us as...

A bunch of jerks.

Like I said, it is still very much under construction. So relax.


  1. Im liking the new site better already.

  2. Way to go, Devon.

    "Devon, you're such a disease."

    "Devon, you're what the French call, les incompetents."

    "Look what you DID... you little JERK."

  3. "Devons girlfriends... woof"

  4. "Random? D$? GC?...........WHERE ARE YOU GUYS???"

  5. "Guys, I'm eating junk and blogging rubbish! You better come out and stop me!"

    I think the saddest part about this is, I didn't have to actually look up any quotes, I think I know that entire movie by heart.... Sad sad man I am.

  6. But, the hilarious part about it, is how uncanny every line fits in damn near perfect.

  7. So very, very sadly true.