Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fan Strolls On Stage at Britney Spears Concert

Here's a pretty funny clip I ran across from the recent Britney Spears concert in Connecticut. As she's performing "Womanizer," some guy just decides to take a stroll on to the stage and do a little dancing with Britney, or maybe have a little chat, who knows what this guy was thinking. Somehow the guy just walks right up to Britney and scares the shit out of her. She can be seen screaming (which suspiciously can't be heard on her mic) before dancers casually lead the guy away after which he no doubt was tackled and seen out of the building by security. Britney then stumbles around a bit, trying to remember her robotic moves that go with the music. I guess no one expects Britney to actually be really singing at these shows anymore, but yet it's still a funny site to see Britney scared out of her mind and screaming, all while the music and "singing" doesn't miss a beat.

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