Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Movie Review: Semi Pro

Once again, I made the grave mistake of letting the girl pick the movie, and in doing so ended up seeing Semi Pro. Not No Country for Old Men, or Vantage Point, or even Be Kind Rewind. Semi Pro...

So anyways, Semi Pro stars Will Ferrell, who usually is pretty funny. I liked Talladega Nights. I loved Anchorman. I even enjoyed Elf and Stranger than Fiction.... but what transpired in Semi Pro was not something you would expect out of Will Ferrell. I honestly did not laugh once. I chuckled at an awkward cameo by Disco legend Patti Labelle, but even that was brought on by how absurd I thought it was. The plot line of the movie is essentially this: Jackie Moon (Ferrell) is a played out Disco one-hit-wonder, who used all his money to buy a minor league basketball team. Basically Moon just uses the team to promote himself, and his own agenda, in a trademark Will Ferrell character oblivious way. The supporting cast is weak, headlined by Woody Harrelson and Andre Benjamin (the skinny dude from Outkast). The entire story is contrived and feels forced, resorting to weaker than usual punchlines and bits.

Usually I'd recommend waiting until DVD, but with this one, I think you can really save your time and money and maybe just wait till it plays 3 times in one weekend on USA or TBS.


  1. His same old character is really starting to get old. The ultra overconfident moron only stays funny for so long.

  2. Judging by some of the past reviews I've seen on this site by "Devon"....I hardly believe any girl dragged him to see this....let's be honest.

  3. you know I was wondering that too. why is it that EVERY review by Devon has to do with him "getting dragged by some girl"? excuses excuses.