Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Internet Lingo Has To Go

I am getting pretty sick and tired of the internet lately. And I think the IQ level of internet dwellers and message board posters has something to do with it. Most people that can work a computer, have some intelligence but lately it seems to be growing more and more, well dumb. Who is it that came up with internet lingo? Which basically has gone from the simple LOL and BRB to complete sentences, and actual words, which if you think about it have us all talking like god damn 5 year olds. Why do people feel the urge to type TEH instead of THE? So you can look internet cool? If they see something cool on a message board, they will say, "that is teh pwnage" ok now say that sentence to yourself, you sound like an idiot don't you? Also say "I can has cheezeburger". And fuckin shit am I sick of the word epic. Everything thats cool, can't just be cool, it has to be EPIC! or FULL OF WIN! What the fuck?YOU ARE TEH EPIC OF WINNING YOU HAS CHEEZBUGERRZ FOR PWNXORZ? Seriously, it's stupid.

But my serious issue with this, happened over the weekend, when I asked my nephew a question, and he replied with IDK. And we were not talking over the computer, this was in person. People are starting to use internet lingo in real conversations. And it needs to stop.

So anyways people, can we please cut back on the stupid 5 year old misspelling of words on purpose to look cool on the internet? We go to drive thrus, or grocery stores, or call customer service and bitch about people not speaking any English, then we get on the internet, and butcher the English language even worse than Jose at the Taco Bell drive thru. So get your shit together people, or I will pwn you.


  1. I agree, everyone complains about nothing to write about, yet every other major site FINDS something somehow, always. If nothing else, has to be something to even comment on. I prefer sites i can visit daily, this site is so hit and miss....sometimes 5 posts a day, then sometimes nothing for 5 days. I like it here, and like the general attitude/style, but some continuity would be nice.