Thursday, April 3, 2008

What The Hell Hollywood?

Good freakin lord. Hollywood has lost its fucking mind. How so?

Exhibit A: Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure, is being remade, and is going direct to DVD. Who in the fuck is going to watch that? See I am annoyed with remakes for this soul purpose. Now if they waited 50 years, alright sure, update it, but when all the jokes still work and the movie is still loved all over, don't bother it. Anyways, it doesn't take a scientist to know that Alex Winter won't be involved with this shit, let alone Keanu Reeves or George Carlin, shit they probably won't even get Missy back. Fuck this movie, and fuck McG. McG isn't involved, but he might as well be.

Exhibit B. Without A Paddle 2. Yeah exactly. Someone somewhere thought that the Matthew Lillard Seth Green masterpiece needs a direct to DVD sequel, since the first one was a pile of shit.

I quit.


  1. Have you seen they're remaking Short Circuit too????

  2. Indeed, I saw it this morning, was gonna add it to this news story but, was too annoyed by it.