Thursday, April 24, 2008

Gamers Today Are Pussies. Nintendo is KING of all game systems.

Video games today are as popular as they've ever been. But where's the REAL challenge? Todays games are as advanced as they've been in years. Top quality sound and images. Anything can be done in video games today.

Except losing.

Todays youth that claim to be awesome at video games are lying little pussies. They were not around in the times of NES. When games had a real challenge. When you would throw your controller kick the NES and run out of the room. No games today cause any anger or madness. Remember Mike Tysons Punch Out? Of course you do. Remember how long it took and how hard it was to FINALLY get to fight Mike Tyson, and BOOM!! 1 fuckin punch GAME OVER. YOU LOSE. START BACK AT GLASS JOE UNLESS YOU WROTE DOWN THAT 15 DIGIT CODE! When you walked onto the playground, after weeks of trying. And were the ONLY kid there, that could say. "I beat Mike Tysons Punch Out" that shit was bragging rights. You were a gaming GOD.

Now these days, anyone can beat any game there is. Damn near every game these days have infinite lives. And if not, when its Game Over, you just start over at the last checkpoint. Game Over is Game Over. I don't even remember the last game I played where if I lost it said GAME OVER on the screen. It is just very strange to me, how insane games are these days, yet games on the NES rival games on the PS3 and 360 in levels of difficulty. I could pick up any game on the 360 or PS3 and have it beat, and usually within just a few short hours. No problem. Call Of Duty? Easy. Halo? Easier. Ghosts N Goblins on NES? FUCK THAT. Even I haven't beaten Ghosts N Goblins. Grand Theft Auto may be the best of the best when it comes to games today. But does it really stack up the difficulty level compared to MEGA MAN? Fuck no. Not even close. Resident Evil is pretty bad ass huh? How about you go try Maniac Mansion on for size?

So in all, kids today that brag about being gaming bad asses. Are nothing but pussies. With their infinite lives and unlimited continues at last check points. If you wanna impress me, go beat Bad Dudes without dying. Think you're a bad ass cause you can beat shit on Guitar Hero on expert? How about you go beat Rush N Attack kid. Then I will consider you worthy.

This is why Nintendo is king of all games. Nintendo offered REAL challenges. You run out of lives, tough shit, start over. Even Nintedo TODAY offers that. I recently just grabbed Contra 4 for my Nintendo DS. Jesus fucking christ. Even playing that damn game on Easy is tricky.

This is how I always end, and win, arguments over video games. "I have beat Kid Dynamite."

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