Saturday, April 5, 2008

Why should you own a PS3?

Leading the Blu-ray Hi-Def pack is the Batman Begins Limited Edition Gift Set ($49.99 SRP). The single disc Blu-ray Hi-Def Gift Set also includes The Dark Knight prologue" (the first six minutes of the film), a Batman Begins motion art lenticular, a 32-page booklet including an all-new DC Comics comic book adaptation of The Dark Knight prologue, exclusive photos, script pages and story boards. This Gift Set will also include five Batman Begins collectible postcards with never-before printed key art from the theatrical release, as well as $7.50 "movie cash" towards the purchase of an adult ticket to see The Dark Knight in theatres.

A single disc Blu-ray Hi-Def version ($28.99 SRP) of Batman Begins will also be available. This also features The Dark Knight prologue.

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