Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lego Batman Official Video Game Trailer!

When i first heard about this game, I was pretty pumped for it from the get go. Even though I'm not the biggest fan of Star Wars, the Lego Star Wars game was fun as hell, with great comedy, and really felt like a throwback game being it was just based on fun. Well I AM a big fan of Batman, and now Lego Batman is on the horizon, and it does not look like it will disappoint. This trailer looks awesome, as it appears to have included EVERY Batman character EVER pretty much (too many to even names here, but the trailer shows a ton of them,) a great storyline, that they all broke out of prison at once....and now of course Batman and his crew have to save Gotham. Now if this wasn't Lego, it would probably just be another Batman game. But with the Lego humor and game play thrown in, this game looks like it will be a BLAST. So check out this awesome trailer.....and share your thoughts on the greatness that will be Lego Batman!

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