Thursday, April 17, 2008

NBA Playoff Edition- Tim Donaghy Can't Fix Games this Time!

It's the most, wonderful time of the year. This years NBA Playoffs are going to be very, very interesting. Many rivalries already ignited. And some, seeking vengeance.To me, the Phoenix Suns shoulda been the NBA Champions last year. But Tim Donaghy decided to fix a playoff game so he could win a bet. And Stu Jackson decided to suspend Amare Stoudemire and Boris Diaw for something that Tim Duncan also did but received no such suspension. But hey, that was all last year, nothing can be said or done to change that....

Oh, except having a rematch. The Suns will seek their revenge this Saturday, when round 1 kicks off against the Spurs. Some are saying that the Spurs will win it easily. Some are saying the Suns will win it in a SWEEP. For me, a life long die hard Suns fan, I say Suns in 6. See this year, the Suns have 1 thing that they didn't have last year. Shaq. Tim Duncan fears Shaq. And so far in the regular season, the Spurs have yet to beat the Shaq/Suns connection.

As far as who will end up with the NBA Title? If the Suns stay focused, and play at the top of their game, there is no excuses. They can win it, they have the tools, and the ability. They just have to put them all to use. And as long as the Spurs are beaten, and the Lakers are eliminated, I am happy. Because the Lakers are annoying idiots, and their fans are not much better. I get heckled by Laker fans almost on a daily basis. Why does this show how they are idiots? Well, why would they heckle me telling me Suns suck, when the Suns have handed the Lakers their asses in the Playoffs two years in a row? And yes, I know, the Lakers have won a title, and the Suns haven't. But when was the last time the Lakers won a title? When Shaq was in LA. And hey, where is Shaq now? Exactly.


  1. The NBA playoffs were simulated 10,000 times and the Jazz beat the Celtics!