Thursday, April 10, 2008

New Contributing Writer Policy

After considering feedback and much comtemplation, I have decided to make a policy revision regarding comment moderation and allowable content.

I am probably the biggest "free speech" and lassie faire guy around. When I invite someone to write here, I pretty much want them to write anything they choose. The same goes for comments.

This does not extend to personal attacks on fellow contributors. There has been much "drama" between certain writers and it has been a huge distraction. It has lowered the discourse and made this blog a shitty place.

From now on, no personal attack posts or comments will be allowed. These posts will be deleted immediately. The blogger will receive a warning for the first offense. A second incident will result in a one month suspension. Three strikes= the writer will be removed from the blog and replaced. I hope that is clear and fair.

I believe this change will result in a much more productive blog that is more interesting to readers.

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