Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Devon's New DVD Releases: 04/22/2008

In an attempt to appease our more "independent minded" readers, I thought I'd share a look at a few DVD releases I'm personally excited about.

My release of the week: The Savages.
The Savages stars the always brilliant Philip Seymour Hoffman, alongside Laura Linney, as two estranged siblings, thrust back together when faced with what to do with their ailing elderly father. It's a classic case of a good character study, and in my opinion both Hoffman and Linney excel in these pieces. If you're a big fan of Hoffman, check him out in Charlie Wilson's War, which isn't as boring as it might look.

Also this week:

Starring an ensemble cast of young and relatively unknown actors, under the helm of producer J.J. Abrams, Cloverfield takes a first person perspective of what it would be like if we were attacked by an unknown enemy of monstrous magnitude, and brings it directly to your doorstep. You may have been nauseated watching it on the big screen, but I'm sure you'll be just fine at home.

Trailer Park Boys: The Movie.
Holy hell, this movie is hilarious. When it came out in theatres, I was lucky to find ONE showing in my city, and I was right there to catch it. I've been a big fan of the Canadian TV series, which you can find on DVD or download. The movie centers around the three main characters, as they plot and devise a way to steal a massive gumball machine full of quarters from the local cineplex. If you're in to dry wit and Canadian humor, you'll love this movie.

Last but not least:

Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Season One.
You know you love the songs like Rolo Tony and Beaver Boys, so go ahead and pick this up so you can sing a long, and laugh you asses off. Season 2 is in to gear on Cartoon Network, but it's not too late to get caught up with Season One.

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