Thursday, April 10, 2008

Artie Lange quits the Howard Stern Show....

If you didn't catch this this morning, for whatever reason, you're probably a shmuck anyways, but this morning major dramz hit the Howard Stern show. Artie Lange, the venerable fat, loud, disgusting, slob on Stern's show really flew off the handle. Lange flips out on his assistant, attacks him, tries to kill the fucking kid, and then apparently quits the show and leaves. Meanwhile Robyn is freaking the hell out, Howard is completely aloof, and Bababooey is stupid as usual. The shit really hit the fan...

This is seriously not safe for work stuff, and is easily one of the most controversial things to happen on Stern's show in recent history. Thank god they're on Sirius Satellite Radio, otherwise this would be nothing but bleeps...

What the hell happened to Artie Lange? The whole thing was pretty raw and hardcore. Kinda fucked the show up for the rest of the morning. Interesting to see where it's gonna continue to go.

Listen here: (we'll see how long this lasts on Youtube)




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  1. I don't know why news sites everywhere are making such a huge deal out of this. I listen to Stern quite a lot, and have been for a long time. From what I can remember, this is about the 5th time that Artie has "quit" the show.

    On top of that, he, and no one else from the show has said that he has QUIT, he just left today. Nothing from him, Stern, or anyone else said anything about him quitting.

    They have no shows Fridays, and I believe theyre off all next week. Artie will be back next Monday, all will be fine.

    Besides, wtf else is Artie gonna do?