Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Leave Uwe Boll Alone!!!

Uwe Boll. A modern day Ed Wood. Well a petition has been going around, to get him to stop making movies. And it has almost his 200,000 signatures, yikes. And Uwe Boll himself has said if the petition ever hits 1,000,000 he actually will stop making movies.

And to me that's kinda sad. See, when a Uwe Boll movie is coming out, you know what you're gonna get. A total shit fest. And sometimes it is so shitty, it is amusing. I mean House Of The Dead is such a piece of shit that I was entertained by it. And shit people, it's not like hes FORCING you to watch it. And it's not like hes taking franchises that we all know and love and ruining them. So who DOES deserve a petition like this?

Brett Ratner for starts. This guy sucks so fucking much his movies aren't even entertaining. They're just piles of fucking shit. Did Uwe Boll take over the X Men movies that kicked major ass and totally ass rape them? No sir, that was Brett Ratner responsible for that mess.

McG. Charlies Angles 1 and 2. Enough said.

Stephen Sommers. The Mummy movies, Van Helsing, christs sake. Fuck this guy. I was really looking forward to Van Helsing, then I saw it and I wanted to shit my own brain out.

The list could go on, there are many directors out there worse than Uwe Boll. He's making little movies, based off minor video games, that are blips on the radar. As opposed to big name directors, taking big name franchises, and turning them into piles of shit.

So leave Uwe alone, if you want to start a petition to stop a director, stop Ratner, or McG (seriously who the fuck calls themself that?) or Sommers, or fuck even Paul WS Anderson. Fuck that guy too. Resident Evil could have kicked major ass had it anything to do with the actual game. ugh.

Oh also, Uwe Boll delivers hot naked chicks in his movies. Brett Ratner and everyone else, not so much.

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  1. In the Name of the King was fucking awesome. Burt Reynolds as king, and random knights yelling "come on man!".................................