Thursday, April 24, 2008

In Theaters Tomorrow. 4/25/08

Meh, not much worth a damn.

Baby Mama - Successful and single businesswoman Kate Holbrook (Tina Fey) has long put her career ahead of a personal life. Now 37, she’s finally determined to have a kid on her own. But her plan is thrown a curve ball after she discovers she has only a million-to-one chance of getting pregnant. Undaunted, the driven Kate allows South Philly working girl Angie Ostrowiski (Amy Poehler) to become her unlikely surrogate. Simple enough… After learning from the steely head (Sigourney Weaver) of their surrogacy center that Angie is pregnant, Kate goes into precision nesting mode: reading childcare books, baby-proofing the apartment and researching top pre-schools. But the executive’s well-organized strategy is turned upside down when her Baby Mama shows up at her doorstep with no place to live.

I'd say out of all movies this weekend. If I HAD to go to the movies. I would go see this. I dig Tina Fey, and the previews make it seem entertaining. Either way, I'll give it a rent.

Harold And Kumar Escape From Guantanemo Bay - This time, the boys get themselves in trouble trying to sneak a bong onboard a flight to Amsterdam. Now, being suspected of terrorism, they are forced to run from the law and try to find a way to prove their innocence. What follows is an irreverent and epic journey of deep thoughts, deeper inhaling and a wild trip around the world that is as “un-PC” as it gets.

Yeah I'm not only going to pass watching this in theaters, but I'm also gonna pass renting. The first movie was not very funny. Sorry but the whole "American Pie" type of comedy is over. Shit I didn't even like American Pie all that much. Shits just not funny. The previews are retarded. OH MAN THE GUY CALLED THEM BOTH MEXICANS! BUT THEYRE NOT! OMG ITS SO FUNNY! OH LOOK HES ARAB, AND HES ON AN AIRPLANE, AND THEY THINK HES A TERRORIST!! R O F LLLL OH MAN SO FUNNY. Fuck, no, it's not. It's fucking stupid. But of course, somehow, this will be number 1. Because people are stupid.

Deception - "Are you free tonight?" A simple enough question, but how Jonathan McQuarry (EWAN McGREGOR) answers it will change his life forever. A corporate auditor adrift in a sea of New York's power elite, Jonathan's work is his entire life. But a chance meeting with Wyatt Bose (HUGH JACKMAN), a charismatic corporate lawyer, introduces Jonathan to a decadent playground for Manhattan's executive upper crust. For these power brokers, whose eighteen-hour workdays leave no time for a personal life, there's "The List" - a sex club, of sorts, where the right cell-phone number and four simple words ("Are you free tonight?") can lead to an evening's sexual fulfillment. It's a world of "intimacy without intricacy," as Jonathan's first conquest (or vice versa) explains to him, and through The List Jonathan discovers a side of himself that he didn't know existed. But an affair with a ravishing and mysterious stranger known to Jonathan only by her first initial 'S' (MICHELLE WILLIAMS), will expose him to yet another world he never imagined - one of betrayal, treachery and murder.

I saw the trailer for this in front of Sarah Marshall. Eh, i dunno. I think itll be one of those movies I plan to rent, and do rent, but never actually watch.

Rogue - A giant crocodile kills people. Nuff said.

This week is weak. Get it? Nothing matters this weekend since everyone that isn't a douche bag is counting down to next weeks IRON MAN. Which, heads up, actually starts next THURSDAY NIGHT at 8:00pm. May 1st.

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