Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hey Yo! The Rambling Of Random Villain

You fucks want a blog? Fine.

You know what really grinds my gears? Chicks that COULD be really damn hot, but they choose to just fuck themselves up more and more and look even worse every time I see them. Example. Amy Winehouse. This broad is gross. She has bacteria growing on her face, crazy ugly eyebrows, hair that birds live in, and her crack addict body to boot. Remove all that, and she could be really hot. So what the hell? And most of all, this goes double for Britney Spears. Who really isn't all that bad. I saw her last week on the show How I Met Your Mother and damnit, she was cute! There was a time in my life where Britney was the cutest damn thing in the world, and now shes batshit crazy, and she smokes, blagh, smoking.

You know what site I really hate and want to get into fisticuffs with? TMZ.COM What a bunch of fuckin idiots. Every post they put is either the more idiotic shit ever that I don't see why anyone would care, or it's always something insulting. And their TV show, jesus christ what a bunch of tools. They had a piece on their shitty show, (I saw it, cause my Mom watches the damn show and its always on when I stop by my parents) where Jason Priestley was at the gym, working out, and they had a picture of him, and were talking about how sweaty he was..... seriously. Holy shit people! A guy at the gym is working out and hes sweating! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Fucking retards. TMZ is like the Wrestlezone of gossip sites. Shut the fuck up TMZ. Go drink your starbucks and report on more shit only 50+ year old women and Devon give a fuck about.

Hollywood Remakes. Hey Hollywood, here is a novel idea. Instead of remaking movies that were good in the first place, why not take movies that sucked ass but had potential and remake those? Call me crazy, but it might be better than seeing remakes that no one wants to see in the first place. Like Bill And Teds Excellent Adventure, and Short Circuit, no one on the planet wants to see those movies remade. But I bet you anything if Van Helsing was remade with better actors and a better director and writer, I know I for one would be VERY interested in seeing it done properly.

X Box 360 nerds rank right next to Laker fans. They have no logic, and even in stats, sales, standings and products prove that they are wrong, somehow, in their idiotic mind, they are always right. I don't understand this logic. I got into an argument the other day with a 360 fan in a Game Stop, of course, he works there. And remember kids, the customer is always right, unless youre in Game Stop. Guess what 360 fans, shut the fuck up, and go watch your Blu Ray... WAIT A MINUTE, YOU DON'T HAVE BLU RAY. Oh well, maybe you can go play X Box Live, if you paid the 50 dollars to do so, Ill be busy playing online for free. Wireless. You can go play wireless too, if you paid the extra 100 bucks to buy the add on for the X Box to enable wireless online play, as for my PS3, it came with it. And yes, I hear you, X Box had, HAD, HD DVD, but you can watch those.... if you bought the HD DVD drive to go with your X Box, paying even MORE money, for shit that is already included on the PS3. Sorry kids, but just because X Box has Halo, doesn't mean shit. PS3 is superior, face it, deal with it, and have fun. You know why there are hoards and hoards of X Box fans all over the internet, and in game stores, arguing with their anger? Because they are busy waiting for their 360s to return in the mail after Ring Of Death.

That is all for now. X Box sucks. Remakes of movies no one wants to see sucks. And chick that are hot but choose to let themselves go to shit suck. And most of all, TMZ sucks.

Goodnight folks.

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