Monday, April 21, 2008

Big Brother 9 Was My favorite TV Show This Season and now Live Feeds are Free

Yeah, I admit it. I like a lot of trashy television. I like reality TV. I didn't really care about the Hollywood Writer's strike because the TV writers suck. I was REALLY resistant to reality TV at first. I thought Survivor two times a year was two times too many. I couldn't believe that all these shows like The Amazing Race and Big Brother were coming back for multiple seasons, let alone the lower tier reality shows. Sure there have been oversaturation of trash and many reality shows have been cancelled after 1 or a couple episodes. But some of these shows just go on forever. Now I watch a lot of them.

As far as scripted TV- when there are 800 variations of Law and Order and Two and a Half men is a "hit comedy" - need I say more?

So my guilty pleasure is Big Brother. I never watched the first couple seasons, but the last 2 have brought me in. The decision to have an extra series this year was a good programming choice. Big Brother 9 ends soon and it won't be long until big Brother 10.

Of course since I only watch on CBS I miss a lot of the interesting shit. I'm a cheap bastard. I don't have regular Showtime, forget Showtime Too. And I am not paying for those live feeds. Besides why would I sit around watching that stuff all day. Might as wel get your money's worth. But then I realized something. I came across this blog post explaining how to Get the last week of Big Brother 9 Live Feeds for free.

It's a cool thing to know and I went ahead and signed up for it. I like taking advantage of free trials with everything ( mostly software) so it't pretty cool, especially when your free trial covers the whole period you need to use it.

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