Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Oh I Hate Mummy Movies...

God damn. If there is one series of movies that I just can not get behind at all, its the fuckin Mummy movies. The first one was shit, the second one was shit, and then they made the Scorpion King which was even more shit. Now we got a third movie coming out, with more Brendan Fraiser hijinks and shitty one liners. There was one line in the second movie that made me throw my bowl of popcorn at the wall and kick the seats in front of me. When Linkavich Chemolski is on the bus, and the mummys are on their way to attack it, and he says "Oh I hate mummys." Oh my fucking god kill this man.

Anyways, onto the actual point of this shit, Universal for some god damn reason thinks that those 4 movies just won't do. After the new one comes out on August 1st, they are gonna crank out, THREE MORE MUMMY MOVIES! No word is Brendan Fraiser will come back, but Maria Bello will be. Who you ask? Well shes replacing Rachel Weisz in the movies. Since Rachel finally discovered that the Mummy movies suck ass and said fuck this Im out! More than likely Brendan Fraiser will be back, since well he doesn't have much else going on in his career. I still don't think he has done any good work since Encino Man, but whatever.

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