Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Kristin Davis.... Did she make a sex tape?

Hollywood, I pose a question to you.

Why do you people make sex tapes?????

It seems like every time someone in Hollywood is stupid enough to make a sex tape, it gets released to the media! We've all seen the Pam and Tommy tape, the Kim Kardasian sex tape, you've probably even been unfortunate enough to see the Chyna and X-Pac tape... *shutters*... but now, I bring to you quite possibly one of the most wholesome actresses in Hollywood...

Kristin Davis has made a sex tape. (Possibly)

The star of Melrose Place and Sex and the City has yet to comment on the tape, but when she does I'm sure she'll deny it's her... but when you see the picture, it's pretty obvious.

The story around the net is that some dude stole the tape (in classic style) and now he's shopping it around (in classic style) and he's provided a nice little image from the tape. I for one would love to see Charlotte York getting it hard, and I'm happy to know that if any of the chicks from Sex and the City are in a sex tape, it's Kristin Davis.

So anyways, on to the seriously NOT SAFE FOR WORK picture.

Clicky, Clicky.

Update: Not even an hour after we posted this, that slut bag Perez Hilton did the same thing! Quit copying us Perez!!

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