Monday, March 3, 2008

Verizon LG Voyager Review

So I have been with Verizon for a couple years now, and I've always been pretty satisfied with their phones. I had their Chocolate phone for about a year, and the first one I had broke. I had to go get it replaced, and then last week, the second one broke too. So I was a bit annoyed but it was alright because I was eligible for an upgrade, and wanted a Voyager, and this Chocolate breaking again gave me the perfect chance. So I have had my Voyager for a week, what are my thoughts?

I really don't see myself getting a new phone anytime in the near future at all. This is the perfect phone. When the iPhone came out, Apple went with AT&T to sell them so Verizon figured they would just come out with their own version of the iPhone, but try and make it better. Here is a list of what the two have, and don't have.

The Voyager has full mms (multimedia messaging) and 2-way sms capabilities.
The iPhone has 2-way sms, but no mms capabilities.

The LG Voyager has a removable and swappable battery.
The iPhone has a fused battery, so it can only be replaced by Apple (for a price)

The Voyager offers VCAST music store.
The iPhone offers iTunes music store on the go.

The LG Voyager vibrates when the screen is touched.
The iPhone does not give any feedback when touched.

The Voyager can record and share video recordings.
The iPhone offers no video recording.

Both have a 2.0 Megapixel camera.

The LG Voyager has text to speech, so it can read your text messages to you w/out installing anything.
The iPhone does not have text to speech.

The Voyager offers a microSD slot that supports cards up to 8GB.
The iPhone offers a 8GB flash drive.

The Voyager has a smaller screen - 2.8".
The iPhone has a larger screen - 3.5".

There is not a 16 GB LG Voyager.
There is now a 16 GB iPhone.

The Voyager's pros: 3g EV-DO network, swappable battery, QWERTY keyboard, GPS, MMS, SD mem, 2 screens, touch screen.
The iPhone's pros: Accelerometer, Multi touch screen, Attractive interface, Pinching images, Visual voicemail.

With the Voyager, you cannot check voicemail if service is unavailable at the time (i.e. on a plane).
Visual voicemail is the new phenomenon with the iPhone. Voicemails are saved to the phone so users are always able to check.

Verizon's service plan starts at $39.99 with $1.99 per MB, or $59.99 with unlimited data, but no texting.
The iPhone has plans that start at $59.99 with unlimited data and 200 texts, or $20 for current AT&T users.

The LG Voyager has an exterior touch screen and opens up to full QWERTY keyboard with a large interior screen and stereo speakers.
The iPhone has only an exposed touch screen with mono speakers.

The Voyager can print using Bluetooth.
The iPhone can't print.

The LG Voyager has mobile TV
The iPhone does not offer TV service

The Voyager has voice dialing.
The iPhone has no voice dialing.

The Voyager has no Wi-Fi, but does have a faster mobile internet network.
The iPhone has a slow internet network, but compensates with a Wi-Fi connection.

Texting on Verizon is free when you text inside the network. It doesn't cost a text.
You only get 200 texts with the original plan for the iPhone. And that's for any network.

The LG Voyager uses VZ Navigator GPS.
The iPhone has no GPS.

LG Voyager users can get a 5-digit code that allows them to upload videos to YouTube.
Users of the iPhone can only watch YouTube, not upload to it.

The Voyager CAN sync contacts, ringtones, pics, videos, mp3s to a PC using BITPIM and can do it wirelessly.
You can only sync your iPhone's calendar via iTunes (not wireless).

The Voyager supports Bluetooth Stereo Headset.
The iPhone does not support Bluetooth Stereo Headset.

The LG Voyager has zoom on its camera.
The iPhone doesn't have zoom.

These are just a small list actually of what each have and don't have. The touch screen on the Voyager is very easy to use, the Mobile TV is pretty cool although Verizon really should come out with more channels, 8 isn't enough. The web browser works easy, the mobile email is easy. Most of all the ringtones are perfect. On the chocolate I had to email the ringtones/wallpapers to my phone and most of the time, they never went through. Now with the Voyager, I can just plug it into my computer and drag and drop ringtones and wallpapers into the phone free and easy. The GPS Navigator works just as good as any other GPS Navigator. There are a few things here and there that I hope they come out with in future software updates, like touch screen games. But all in all, if you have Verizon, you should get a Voyager, you won't be sorry.

UPDATE: While messing around with my phone, I just found out that Verizon, as well as a few other mobile phone companies, now have it set where if you record a video with your phone, you can send the video and have it uploaded directly to your YouTube profile. So if youre at a party, and catch some crazy drunk shit goin down, you can then send the video to youtube, itll upload and be online within minutes. iPhone can not do this.


  1. I never realized Voyager had so many things that the iphone doesn't. I just assumed the iphone was the "super phone," and other company would try to produce similiar phones, but not AS good. Very interesting look at both phones....two thumbs up!

  2. Your knowledge of the iPhone is limited
    or it seems you didn't bother to gather as much as you have for the Voyager

  3. I recieved my Voyager for Christmas from my son and I love it :-)

  4. I have to update this post with this.

    Since this blog I wrote I am now on my FOURTH Voyager. So many software problems. And honestly, after getting an iPod Touch, I really want an iPhone. LG Voyager is ass.