Wednesday, March 11, 2009

1 Down, Too Many More To Go. Tapout Co-Founder Charles Lewis Jr. Dies.

So, remember in Lost Boys, when Grandpa killed the head vampire, and Keifer turned to a human again, and Michael was saved? Well maybe this is it. Maybe all douche bag Tapout homos will turn back into just, homos?

Charles Lewis Jr. Or "Mask" as he used to go by... was killed when he was racing his ferrari around trying to show off to some girl he had with him who is now dying in the hospital. He was racing a porche at 1:00am last night. So yeah he's dead now. But what is even worse is this douche bag died from being a douche bag. Yeah. See people talk shit on Nascar all the time but at least what they do is legal and not a form of "douchery". Sorry but street racing is pretty much as gay as it gets. I'd rather go hang out at the mall with emo kids.

A memorial service for this guy is gonna be held where guys will gather all wearing TapouT shirts, drinking rockstar energy drinks, listening to Avenged Sevenfold, and acting like hard asses and driving trucks that are lifted 100 feet high with the balls hanging off the bumper, thus eliminating the purpose of having a truck. You know what I find funny about those douche bags with the balls on the truck? The balls on it are pretty small comparied to the size of the truck, so those are actually pretty small balls, are they admitting to something?

Anywho, the Memorial Service will be held at the No Fear store in Orange County, CA.


  1. I have to say that this is the funniest god damn thing that has been put on this site.

  2. I guess I am pretty fortunate to have no fucking clue who these douchebags are.

  3. You guys that are making snide remarks are true scumbags. Mask seem liked a decent guy on the TapOut series, and there is no need to mock his death.