Monday, March 30, 2009

Verizon Blackberry Curve 8330 Review

I have a strange obsession with electronics. Yeah, I am one of THOSE guys. When some new gadget comes out I must own it. So any time Verizon came out with a new handy looking phone, I had to own it, badly. So when LG came out with the V, I got it the first day, the Voyager was soon to follow, but I had so many problems with the Voyager that finally Verizon said fine here is the LG Dare, which was a huge improvement over the Voyager, but I found myself sick of the "touch screen" crap. It was a nice novelty at first, but meh. Done with it.

So along came the Buy one get one free Blackberry phone deal. And my wife was longing for the curve. And I figured it was time to step into the Blackberry world. And step in I did. The old saying is true, once you go black, you don't go back. This phone is so handy and fantastic that I do not see myself ever going back to any other type of phone. I am Blackberry for life.

What does this phone do? Well damn near anything I need it to do. I am not a big bad business man so I have no use for all the corporate email and tasks and such that it can set up for me. I am a casual phone user. Just the basics. So for me, it has what I need. I got my email linked up to the phone. I got AIM set up. I even got the Blackberry messenger which is very useful. No need to go through the contact list and find my wife and select Send Text Message. Now I just open up the Blackberry Messenger application, and there she is. I can customize the icons where I want and where I want them to be. Hell I can even set it up so the phone will turn on and off by itself when I want it to. The sound of people on the other line is so much better than the LG phones I used, and from what I was told people can hear my better too.

On top of all else the best news is that this Wednesday, Blackberry will launch the Blackberry App Store. Which will provide Blackberry users with all kinds of tools and games and strange fart noise machines that the iPhone users get.

In May, Blackberry is releasing the Curve 8990. But from looking at the specifications, the only thing I see that is REALLY upgraded is a better camera. My dare had a 3.2 mega pixel camera, and this Curve I have now is only 2.0. And I can't tell any difference. Also the new Curve will sport WiFi. But with Verizon you have the unlimited data plan. So you don't really need WiFi since you can get on the internet when you want and stay on as long as you want. So I think I will be sticking with the Curve 8330 for a long long time. Especially if this App Store has some awesome tools in it.

In closing I will simply say, if you do not have a Blackberry, and you are an avid user of a cell phone, then you are wasting your time with the LG crap that is out now. Join us.

For more info on the Blackberry Curve 8330, see Verizon Wireless:

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