Monday, March 23, 2009

Devon Lohan Likes!

I figure I need to be more active, and I can do this from my laptop at night on the couch, beer within reach. I'm gonna try out a new weekly column (history will show I've always failed at this), and just point out some things I really like at the moment. So here goes.

  1. I Love You, Man - Saw this tonight and I can't say enough good about it. Probably Paul Rudd's funniest movie to date, and definitely a big step up for Jason Segal from that Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I wish I could forget the awful date I went on to see that movie. Fuck.
  2. TV Show Finales - Big Love, Eastbound & Down, and Battlestar Galactica*. Frak, this past weekend was packed with some TV season finales, and in one case *series finale. My neighbor is watching the news on his back patio and just burped really loud. It echoed. Wtf? But anyways, all three shows put on a .... show. BSG wrapped up nicely, kind of like a cannoli. I'm sorry to see it go, but happy with how it did.
  3. - This dude is the shit. I'm following, and it's working. Seriously.
  4. My new iPod Touch. I didn't want an iPhone, because I hate AT&T service (funny all things considered) but I did want all the fun apps. So I got a touch, and it's fucking awesome. I'll probably do a whole separate post about it... so stay tuned or w/e.
  5. Pita Pit. Delicious, healthy, pitas... who could ask for more? Think Subway, but without bread that's been sitting out all day, you get a warm fresh pita. The Gyro is the best, with feta and olives. Mmmm.
  6. Heroes. Everyone is giving Heroes a lot of shit still, all these comic book indie nerds on the internet. But let me tell you something, Heroes is the fucking shit right now. Quit yer belly achin nerds, and fuck off with your Watchmen, and watch Heroes.
Yeah alright so there you go. Proceed with talking shit in the comments like a bunch of predictable cunts.


  1. You forgot one.

    7. Cock.

  2. So did the diet cause a relapse that saw you gorge your fridge shoveling handful after handful of any food you could grab into your mouth yet? Gotta be a multistained shirt out there somewhere after this one.

  3. Theresa, you're one of my exes aren't you? Are you the fat one?