Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Villain Hates!

Enough of this bullshit. Devon tellin people the gay crap that he likes that no one gives two toots about. Here is some bullshit that I currently hate.

1. Gay blogs about shit that someone likes.

2. 24. Fuck that show. The only way to enjoy that god damn show is to view it as if you were watching a Sci Fi channel show because NOTHING on that show could logically happen in real life. Jack Bauer has saved the country about 6 times now yet they are STILL pissed at him for torturing terrorists? Retarded. Whatever.

3. Diets. Fuck diets give me a McRib please. Thanks.

4. Working. I remember back in the 4th grade I begged my mom for a drum set so I could learn drums and instead she gives me a clarinet. WTF. I could be a rock star right now making crazy money bangin on god damn drums all day. And instead my mom gives me a piece of shit clarinet that I learned Hot Cross Buns on and that was that. Stupid bullshit.

5. People that bitch about police using force on criminals. Fuck you idiots. 4 cops died last week because they were NOT agressive. The fact is simple. If you do not want to get your ass kicked by a cop, then don't break the law. I think if you break the law and then try to run from the cops or do some stupid high speed chase bullshit they should have the right to KILL YOU. Yeah, if cops could use lethal force at will, I bet you anything that crimes would drop. I wouldn't wanna go rob a liqour store and score 100 bucks if I knew that cops could just come in and kill me if they wanted to. So if you got a problem with aggresive cops out there that kick ass like it ain't shit and you wanna bitch about it, I have a quote the great Samuel L Jackson for you, the next time your ass is gettin mugged by a guy with a gun, we will go find you some nice cops to handle it.

6. Obama haters. God damn people are retarded. "Obama promised change but what has changed!?? Huh??! Nothing!!" Shut the fuck up sugar britches. Obama has been in office a whole what, 2 months? Shit takes time. And hes busy cleaning up the fucking clusterfuck that Bush left behind.

7. Phoenix Arizona. Fuck this place. God damn I am so sick of it. Weather is miserable. People always sayin OH MAN ITS NOTHIN BUT SUNSHINE ITS GREAT! Fuck you, you live in 120 degree heat. Fuck having 80 degree Christmas morning. That shit is bullfuck. Who the hell wants to be sweating and shit on Christmas? Not me. Book me a ticket out of this hellhole please.

8. Being hungry. I fuckin hate being hungry so I am gonna stop writing this shit and go make me this crazy sandwich shit that I got.

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