Tuesday, March 17, 2009

WrestlingClassics.com is full of nerds.

Ever come across a group of people on the internet that are just useless in the world? That work at Burger King and hang out at the gas station at night?

That is what internet wrestling fans are. They are a strange breed of people. See they take wrestling VERY seriously. They talk about anything and everything related to wrestling. They love that shit. They are to wrestling what the Warcraft nerds are to, well Warcraft. They make movies with their wrestling action figures. They also have E FEDS, which one of our very own writers here on this site actually is involved in. I won't name names but his name starts with a D and ends with an Evon.

E Feds is those role playing bullshit games that are all over the internet. They fuckin LOOOVE to pretend to be wrestlers and type up huge promos and go on and on.

Now, to be honest, I am too a wrestling fan. Have been for many years. But I don't take it anywhere close to the extreme as these guys. I don't make the movies with my action figures anymore. I damn sure don't go near the E Fed balogna.

So what is the point of this? Well just to point out that Warcraft nerds may be losers, but these guys are pretty close to it. They have fat girlfriends. Work fast food or Wal Mart. Wear black shirts all the time. Listen to ICP and Slipknot. And think CM Punk is the fuckin tits. In other words....

The posters over on WrestlingClassics.com are people with no future in their lives. Nothing will happen to them in life that will make any impact in the world or on other people. They will do nothing but watch wrestling, talk about wrestling, and serve people their burgers.


  1. "Sure it's nerdy, but anyone who saw our site would know we're not like the usual efeds out there. "

    So its another type of gay?

  2. Shoulda saw the explosion this morning on that board when I posted an animated GIF of TEST ODing.

  3. You're lucky I don't have a 360. or I would get Scene It and get online and work your ass over hardcore like a prison bitch.

  4. You think so... but don't be so sure!

  5. Sorry sir. But I am to Scene It what The Undertaker is to Wrestlemania.

    NO ONE. Has EVER beat me.

    MANY MANY have come along, in the board game, and 360 version over at my sisters house. All of them have fallen before me. Not even a buzz card can save your soul.

    On that note. Stop being gay. Go get a PS3 and Buzz Quiz TV.

  6. I only lose to Scene It when I am high.

    I stopped playing Scene It when I am high.


    I can't buy a PS3, I want to buy a Jeep and they don't come cheap.

  7. Trade in that POS 360 and join me and D on PS3.

    Triple Threat Match on legends of wrestlemania between the three of us is needed.

  8. Role playing is fine for those under 16 who cannot drive and go out and experience life. But anyone, especially over 20, who is sitting at home fantasizing about BEING their favorite wrestler, is downright pathetic. Lets grow up, try to pick up girls, find a life, i mean, wrestling is ok and all, but do you want to type out your fantasies about living out the conquests of a big muscled up wrestler who gets women, when in real life your just an overweight person who daydreams about the hot girls you'll never have? Look around your fed, I'm sure I've just described 99.3% of the people over 16 that partake.

  9. I call Triple H! I like his hammer. ::gets into my hummer....drives away::

  10. I guess that puts me in the .7%.

    Not too shabby, if I do say so myself.

  11. And I check this site out for the 3rd time since yesterday just to see what was worthy of the troll rape on a respectable board, and still the same single lame post is here. Why don't you get a legit site that updates multiple times daily before trolling your crappy posts in hopes you steal some of their following.

  12. And yet another person from that shitty wrestling board that said FUCK YOUR SITE, does what? Visits the site.

    And since EVERY post about devonlohan.com that was posted to those message boards was deleted. That means that not only did these douche bags say they were never coming here and wound up here anyways, that they even SAVED this site and came back AGAIN.