Saturday, March 14, 2009

Review: Let The Right One In

Rarely do we get good horror movies here in America. Even more rare is a good vampire movie. See the problem is, America does 2 things and 2 things only with horror movies these days...

1. Remake them.


2. Make some bullshit like Saw or Hostel that has no real story that you give a shit about and instead if just about how gory it can be.

So you sometime have to venture out to other countries for horror. That is what I did tonight. I have heard about this film, Let The Right One In, for many months now. And it finally came out on good ol DVD and Blu Ray here in the US. I rented the Blu Ray, sat down tonight, and watched what I can honestly say...

Is the BEST vampire movie I have ever seen. The BEST.

Seriously. I am not fuckin around. So what the hell is this movie about?

Simple really. Oskar is a 12 year old loner. He is bullied by kids at school, deals with divorced parents, and has so much rage from it all built up he does not know what to do, until he is at the playground one night and meets a young girl, Eli. Eli also has her own problems, with being a vampire.

That is where I will leave the plot outline. This movie does what most vampire movies never do. This is PERFECTION. I have never seen a vampire movie dive so deep into exactly how a vampire works and how things affect them. The god damn eye scene. Will not a scene, it is a simple shot of when Oskar and Eli are in a room and the lights are off and it is pitch dark and you slowly see Eli's eyes start to glow before Oskar flips the lights on and her eyes are cat like and then adjust right away back to normal due to the lights now being on. So fucking awesome. That scene is the first scene in a movie in a looong time that I rewound and had to watch again.

The direction, the acting, the look and feel of everything in this movie is perfect. Now I have seen Best Picture winner Slumdog Millionaire. This movie is BETTER. Way better. Sadly the country this movie is from did not put it up for any awards, so it missed out on winning Best Foriegn Film.

Like I said though, this is a film from another country, so you will have to deal with the English dub. Sadly, guess what.... AMERICA IS REMAKING THIS MOVIE. Which I promise will be fucked up and turned PG-13 and into a giant pile of ass. So just watch the REAL version. Trust me.


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