Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Villain Hates! #2

You know what else I hate? These people...

"Well the economy is so bad right now."

Shut, the fuck, up. Please.

Everyone having money problems and blaming it on the economy is so full of shit it makes me wanna punch someone. Those people are also the ones spending all their money on pointless bullshit instead of what they NEED.

I dropped out of high school.

Never got my GED.

Never went to college.

I have a wife, a newborn baby, a new car, and a house. And I am doing just fine. Why? Because I am not an idiot. Bills and other needs like groceries and diapers and such come FIRST. Then I save a little and spend some on luxury like games or whatever. Not the other way around like these cry babies do. I am doing better than the guys I grew up with who DID graduate and went to college.

Stop being stupid. Spend money wisely.

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