Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Top 5 Most Annoyingly Idiotic People On The Planet

I took a long time to think about this, and decide. Out of all the groups of people on the planet, who are the most annoying? Lets take a look at the series of people, before finally unveiling the most retarded annoying idiotic faggots on the planet.

5. First, Emo Kids.
See, Emo Kids aren't really annoying. Just lame. But I couldn't name them the MOST annoying people because emo is a fad that will soon go away. Plus every now and then I see a really hot emo girl.

4. Potty Pals.
I just made this up, seriously. What is a potty pal? Well ever been in the bathroom, taking a leak, and in walks two guys that are talking REALLY fucking loud? Even though theyre about 2 feet away from each other. I don't know about you guys but there is something about having my dick out that makes me not want to speak to other dudes. These guys annoy me, mainly just because I hate loud people.

3. Broskis
Holy cow. These guys that have 16 layers of fake tan spray on and the gallon of gel in their hair.

2. Bro Dudes.
Those guys that wear the hats to the side just a tad. And are either always wearing Tapout shirts, yet they don't know how to really fight. Or they always got the popped collar shirts. And they usually take steroids in high school to look big. Ugh. These guys come in a REAL close 2nd place.

And finally... the NUMBER 1, MOST ANNOYINGLY IDIOTIC GROUP OF PEOPLE ON THE PLANET ARE..........................................................

1. Juggalos

Holy sheep shit. These are the most pathetic people there could possibly be. See with emo kids, they will grow out of it. Bro Dudes and Guidos, will still be douche bags but at least they might do something with their lives. Potty Pals can be any number of people that might already have jobs and careers and such. But Juggalos? No hope. None. They will work fast food, or at a video store, FOREVER. They will never have a career, or any type of job that pays over 8 bucks an hour. They will never own a house, and never buy a new car. They have no future. On top of that, they listen to the WORST BAND OF ALL TIME. And worship them at that. This is what makes Juggalos, the Most Annoyingly Idiotic Group Of People On The Planet. For further proof, google search Juggalo Funeral.

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