Sunday, September 16, 2007

2007 Emmy Wrap Up and Recap!

Here's my recap, as promised, with my picks and the winners and losers. Plus at the end, some of my thoughts from through out the night!

Best Drama:
Heroes, House, Boston Legal, Grey's Anatomy, & The Sopranos.

My Pick for the win: The Sopranos. The final season was just TOO good to pass up. (SOPRANOS WINS!! WOO HOO!! They sure as hell deserved it!)

Lead Actor, Drama:
James Gandolfini, Denis Leary, James Spader, Kiefer Sutherland, & Hugh Laurie
My Pick for the win: James Gandolfini. His final turn as Tony Soprano was definitely award winning. (James Spader wins… I love his work on Boston Legal, so I can’t say I’m really surprised. I still think its weird they have his as a Dramatic series…)

Lead Actress, Drama:
Minnie Driver, Edie Falco, Sally Field, Kyra Sedgwick, Mariska Hargitay, Patricia Arquette
My Pick for the win: Kyra Sedgwick. Her show, The Closer, has brought the highest ratings to USA ever, and she's great in the role. (Sally Field wins!! I was pulling for her!! I love Brothers & Sisters, and she’s great on the show.)

Best Reality Show: Amazing Race, American Idol, Dancing with the Stars, Project Runway, Top Chef.
My Pick for the win: Dancing with the Stars. Amazing race always wins, but I think this year Dancing got the ratings. (Amazing Race wins AGAIN! They’ve won every year since the award was born…)

Lead Actor, Comedy: Alec Baldwin, Steve Carell, Ricky Gervais, Tony Shalhoub, Charlie Sheen

My Pick for the win: Alec Baldwin. 'Nuff said. (Surprisingly to me, Ricky Gervais wins.)

Lead Actress, Comedy: America Ferrera, Tina Fey, Felicity Huffman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Mary Louise Parker.

My Pick for the win: America Ferrera. She won the Golden Globe! (America wins. Blah.)

Best Comedy: Entourage, The Office, 30 Rock, Two and a Half Men, Ugly Betty

My Pick for the win: 30 Rock. The critics love this show, and I have to admit from what I've seen, it's the funniest of the noms. (30 Rock! Lorne Michaels and Tina Fey know how to make people laugh!)

Drama, Best Supporting Actress:
Rachel Griffiths, Sandra Oh, Chandra Wilson, Katherine Heigl, Aida Tuturro, Lorraine Bracco
My Pick for the win: Sandra Oh (Kathering Heigl wins, surprising but great! Glad to see Grey’s take home their first Emmy of the night!!)

Comedy, Best Supporting Actress:
Jaime Pressly, Jenna Fischer, Conchata Ferrell, Holland Taylor, Vanessa Williams, Elizabeth Perkins
My Pick for the win: Elizabeth Perkins (Jaime Pressley wins – BOOOOO!)

Drama, Best Supporting Actor:
William Shatner, T.R. Knight, Masi Oka, Terry O'Quinn, Michael Emerson, Michael Imperioli

My Pick for the win: William Shatner (Terry O’Quinn Wins – which is great, cuz I was routing for him!)

Comedy, Best Supporting Actor:
Kevin Dillon, Jeremy Piven, Neil Patrick Harris, Rainn Wilson, Jon Cryer
My Pick for the win: Jeremy Piven (Piven wins!!)

Thoughts for the night:

I hate this goddamn Ryan Seacrest!

Wow, Katherine Heigl (pronounced Hi-Gull) is a real bitch… and a potty mouth to boot!

Ray Romano and Ellen Degeneres both had funny bits.

Why the hell are we celebrating the 30th anniversary of Roots?!!?

When did Tony Bennett get so got damn old? He looked and acted senile as fuck.

The Jersey Boys? More like The Jersey Gays.

I love Helen Mirren.

Lewis Black is fucking point on as usual. I love that guy.

Have I mentioned how much I fucking loathe Ryan Seacrest?

LMAO, Tom from Myspace on the Emmys! AL GORE invented the internet bah gawd!

At this point, I’m really getting tired of Tony Bennett. This is his 3rd award out of three noms, so no more show for him. Goodnight Tony, back to Shady Pines for you!

Man, all the ladies are lookin fine tonight.

Yessss fucking Elaine Stritch. That old bitch might be 100 years old, but got damn I still love her! Yawning!! HAHAHA. Fuck you Stanley Tucci! She cracks me up everytime.

Rainn Wilson versus Kanye West?! Is this just a shameless opportunity for Kanye to plus his new album? Wayne Brady is pretty funny though. However, Rainn Wilson is the shit!

Stephen Colbert is brilliant. It amazes me how convincing and realistic he can manage to sound. Both he and John Stewart were funny. Hahaha Steve Carrell!

I think Sally Field channeled Miss South Carolina right there…

It’s 10:57… so the show is obviously going to run over. Time to wrap it up….

Helen Mirren is hot for an older broad!

Last award of the night, and we’re over!!

Final thought: Next year… don’t let Seacrest host. He fucking killed your show this year.

DevonTM – OUT!


  1. have to agree that Ryan Seacrest made an ass out of himself for most of the night!!!!