Thursday, September 6, 2007

Natalie Portman Nude At Last! Naked in Wes Andersons Short Film Hotel Chevalier.

That's right boys and girls, another blog about some boobies. Why? Because thats what the hell you came here for. Not for some bullshit about Kevin Costner reading blogs, or a giant picture of Fall TV Lineups woop dee fuckin doo. Onward...

Word out of the Venice Film Festival is the hotness herself is appearing nude in a short film, a fuckin SHORT FILM, that Wes Anderson has made called Hotel Chevalier with Jason Shwartzman. This short film is a companion piece to The Darjeeling Limited and will be included on the movies DVD release, so theres gonna be a bit of a wait before your eyes see this, unless pictures are leaked, then you know we will be all over it like Devon on an orgy in a gay bar. Snoogans.

But since you obviously came here for SOME kind of tits, heres some old pics of Natalie Portman toplesss snapped on the beach.

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