Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Steve Irwin The Crocodile Hunter: 1 Year Later

Hi kids, depressed today? Well if not I will soon change that.

Its been 1 year today that Steve Irwin left the world. And boy does it suck. I was a huge huge fan of the Croc Hunter. Watched his show all the time, and was there opening night in a sold out movie theater to watch Collision Course which was the weirdest movie ever, with no plot, but hey, it was Steve Irwin, in his own movie, so it ruled. When the news came he died, I remember where I was, what I was doing, and exactly how I felt, depressed as shit. And I mean for days. It was strange because I never met the guy, he was just a celebrity but it really got to me. Animal Planet had a memorial service for him, it was aired commercial free in numerous countries. If people question the love and support that was there for him, check this out. That memorial service, Steve Irwin: He Changed Our World, had an estimated 360 Million Viewers. That folks is around 7% of the population on earth. And 4 times the amount of people that watch the Super Bowl. Amazing? Yep. That damn memorial service is what finally broke me. When they did the ceremony of packing Steves truck up for one last time, and they played that True Blue song, I lost it and broke down. The world is a crappier place without him. Because to me, Steve Irwin was the greatest human being on the face of the planet, and I wish to god I could be half the man that he was. He was a hero. So here are some videos Ive found on youtube of the ol Croc Hunter. Showing what kinda guy he was, and how much impact he had on the world. Watch, enjoy, and go ahead and cry. Because if you watch all these below, don't care who you are, you're gonna get choked up. I did.

Don't forget, Oceans Deadliest (the show Steve was working on when he died) airs tonight on Animal Planet followed by Steves new show, Secrets Of The Crocodile.