Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Kevin Costner is a Blogger Fan.

If I Blog It They Will Come began seven months ago with one admirable, yet lofty, goal: to create a blog devoted to Kevin Costner in hopes the actor would send in a photo of himself looking at the blog. Each entry began with the words "Dear Mr. Costner" and informed readers of the latest Costner happenings.

Then, today, the unthinkable finally happened. If I Blog It posted two photos of Costner admiring the blog. While this appears to signal the end of the website, it had a lengthy run.

"We know you're a busy man and we're flattered that you would take the time from your hectic schedule to do such a nice thing for a couple of your loyal fans," the creators write. "You've metaphorically led us to our dry land, dug up 'the dom,' and built our Field of Dreams. Is this Heaven? No, this is Kevin Costner doing us a solid."


  1. Uh... why does this guy still post blogs here?

  2. Because we need to know that Kevin Costner reads blogs for Jesus sake!!

  3. Did someone from this blog also create the Costner blog? I'm confused...