Tuesday, September 18, 2007

What's Wrong with Pro Wrestling You Ask? Lets Start with the Indy Level...

So I recently viewed some videos that after viewing them, I felt i needed to share and voice my opinion here. We all have our problems with wrestling, the John Cena era, Rey Mysterio winning "Heavyweight" titles etc. But if we look down the ladder, WAY down, to some of the Indy wrestlers out there who weigh 100-150 pounds, do the 930 off the top through a flaming toilet, and thus think they are WWE level stars regardless of their size or idiotic look. They're all over. I've seen shows with the type, been on a few with the type, and see videos often of the type. It seems that a lot of times, these guys come to the realization that A. they'll never make it to WWE or TNA, B. They'll never earn more than 20 dollars wrestling, and C. maybe being the big star in front of their 20 closest hometown fans isn't so bad. After realizing some or all of these, wrestling just becomes "Fun." No more sport, no more money making, they just want to have "FUN." They don't care about doing things the right way, protecting the business, nothing. Socializing with fans so they can feel popular is usually the norm for these types. I know that certain promotions like Pro Wrestling Guerilla and Chikara are based on humor, and they've gotten descent following doing it, but the two videos I viewed today just don't cut it for me. Seriously, in the era of I grew up in (the 80's, I'm not THAT old,) Seriously bad things would happen if guys like Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, Paul Orndorff, etc. were in a locker room. I think it's stuff like this is the beginning of the reason you don't see fans in an uproar, near riot over the Four Horsemen jumping Dusty Rhodes, to the point fans want to run in and help. Or even years later the nWo causing mass chaos to the point fans were losing their minds. All they have to do now is go to a local Indy like this, and the wrestlers laugh and joke their way through a match, and the fans leave knowing it all, and suddenly just don't care about wrestling as much as they once did, it's just a good laugh once in awhile. Now don't get me wrong, after viewing this stuff, it IS FUNNY. I myself find the second video downright hilarious, I just think its takes away from the sport of wrestling in the grand scheme of things. OK, well to illustrate this, I'll share the videos I stumbled across that got me started on this rant, and it definitely makes me think back to the good old days of rivalries with red hot crowds of thousands, instead of 50 people tops laughing away:


  1. The thing that gets me, is the dudes wrestling in slow-mo. That's straight up disrespect and breaking kayfabe. Fuck watching wrestling in a gymnasium.

  2. Also, the 2nd one is funny - but kills whatever credibility that match could've ever had.

    And who are these goddamn announcers? Jesus they suck the most.

  3. I hate wrestling. Im the old man style. Fuck all these new action stars, give me John Wayne any day. All these new idiots dont know how shits done at all. Fucking jackasses running around the ring, and the new guys that DO know how to get shit done, never get a push.