Wednesday, September 26, 2007

DevonTM's Premiere Week One Reviews, Thoughts, and Opinions. (May Contain Spoilers)


First up, is the show I just finished watching, ABC's new (and probable hit) Dirty Sexy Money. Peter Krause returns to television, though not on HBO, as Nick George, a man who reluctantly accepts the job as lawyer to the richest, most dysfunctional family in America. Krause shines with a huge supporting cast, which includes TV and Film legend Donald Sutherland, Jill Clayburgh, William Baldwin, O.C. alum Samaire Armstrong. DSM hit the ball home with their premiere, which features comedy, intrigue, suspense, and a good plot twist cliffhanger. I'll definitely be tuning back in to see how this story plays out. I give Dirty Sexy Money 4 Stars ****.


Bionic Woman, which stars Michelle Ryan in the starring role, really failed to impress me with it's pilot episode. I'm a HUGE Battlestar Galactica fan, so I gotta say seeing Katee Sackhoff on this show, while BSG is on hiatus, was really the highlight of the episode. Also, I might have gone in to this episode with too high of expectations, but in any event, the premiere really fell flat and left me disappointed. I'll give Ep. 2 a chance, but they've only got the one chance left. I give the Bionic Woman premiere 2 stars **.


The show that really set the week on fire for me, was CW's new hit Reaper. Reaper stars Bret Harrison as a guy (Sam), who on his 21st birthday finds out his parents sold his soul to the devil before he was born. Now he's 21, and ole Satan himself has come to collect! Satan, played by the awesome as shit Ray Wise, wants Sam to be his new bounty hunter, collecting escaped souls and returning them to hell, via a portal in the DMV. The incredibly hot Missy Peregrym stars as Sam's crush, and the hilarious Tyler Labine stars in his usual role, as slacker/best friend. I give this one a big 4 stars ****.

NBC's CHUCK - Mon. 8pm

Next up, is the new comedy/thriller from NCB, Chuck. The premiere was a little slow to start, but once the plot began to unfold it was clear we might have a break out hit on our hands. Chuck Bartowski, played by Zachary Levi is an average guy, with an average job, who accidentally downloads all of the combined secrets of all the various government agencies directly in to his brain. What this does, is immediately make him a very vulnerable and liable man, who has to partner up with an agent of the CIA for his own protection and the protection of the secrets. Word was released today that Rachel Bilson is joining the cast, and for me, that's reason enough to keep watching. I give Chuck 3 stars ***.


Well, as a bigtime fan of Grey's Anatomy, I am obligated to watch Private Practice. From the same creator of Grey's, Shonda Rhimes, Private Practice sees Dr. Addison Montgomery, played by the gorgeous Kate Walsh, moving to Los Angeles to start a new life. Unfortunately for us, and probably even the amazing cast of this show, that new life won't last long. PP was juvenile, boring, and borderline unwatchable. It's a real shame too. However, from what I've heard and read elsewhere, the show's cast and creator all promise that it picks up, and gets off to a much better start. So I guess I'll tune in again next week to see what's up. I give Private Practice 2 stars ** with room to improve.


Alright folks, I saved the best for last. Journeyman, starring Kevin McKidd (familiar from HBO's Rome) is by far the best and most outstanding show I've seen all week. McKidd plays Dan Vassar, a normal and even average man, who suddenly one day midst normal activities transports 20 years in to the past. I don't even want to delve too far in to the plot lines for fear of spoiling it, but let's just say the twists and turns are great, number many, and all fit together perfectly. This show is a great follow-up to Heroes on Monday night, and is the only show to get 5 stars *****! Make sure to tune in and watch this one!

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  1. Bionic Woman was alright, didn't blow me away. But was interesting enough to keep me entertained. Ill tune in next week and keep watchin to see if it gets better.

    Reaper kicks ass.

    Another show that premiered that you gave no mention of is The Big Bang Theory. Its fuckin funny. And it has David from Roseanne.