Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Official: TNA Wrestling Impact Gets 2 Hour Time Slot on Spike TV! Is the War On???

TNA finally made the official announcement, TNA Impact will get its long awaited 2 hour time slot beginning on October 4th! This move brings TNA "to the dance" so to speak. For years now, TNA has strived to build slowly, never rushing into a new endeavor before they were ready. Moving from a Pay Per View only company to Fox Sports, then to Spike TV, then to a prime time spot, and now, a huge 2 hour show, the first non WWE 2 hour show since the days of WCW. But the question is, is TNA ready? Are they prepared to bring in enough talent to fill 2 hours weekly? Is the star power there that will make fans see TNA as the superior product to WWE? Time will tell, but its clear that TNA needs as many top names as possible if they're going to come off as a legit threat. The aquisition of Kurt Angle was the first major step, and Angle has just recently come off as the star of the show, and is the highlight he should be for TNA. Sting is a great name to have as he is in the "household name" category, as is Kevin Nash, who has been used well the past few weeks, even though his in ring days may be over. Christian was another good signing for TNA that has fit in well, and has been better than ever in TNA since bringing back Tomko and forming their group with AJ Styles. Team 3D is also in a proper role, as they've given up trying to FORCE the TNA Fans to like them, and they just don't. There is also some talent thats just old and tired (How many times can you see the same old Rhino), and then there are guys like Chris Harris, who is some sort of 80's reject with the nickname "Wildcat,"...uhh, its 2007, time for an update! I think TNA is going to have to see who is available, and sign all they can! RVD, Jericho, Big Show, Lesnar, Goldberg, ANY of these guys with name value need to come in, TNA needs the mega-star types if they're going to compete at all, and snatching away any WWE guys they can will also help. So whats everyones opinion? Are you TNA fans? Will WWE reign forever without being challenged? What do YOU think TNA has to do to compete/survive? Calling all wrestling fans on this one, this could be the beginning of another big time in wrestling.....or at least I can hope!


  1. Whoever gets Jericho, gets my ratings.

  2. I think TNA totally has enough to fill a 2 hour timeslot, if they pull back on Angle a week. As it stands, Kurt consumes 3/4 of the one hour Impact. I'm glad they got some of the belts off of him tonight.

  3. I think it's because Angle is the stand out star on the show...every one else is sort of coasting, save for a select few like Christian and Samoa Joe. A lot of those guys have been there for years and seem to have already done just about all they can do.