Friday, September 14, 2007

WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 08: Video of the Extreme Rules Match!

The countdown is on to Smackdown vs. RAW 08. Every year, the game seems to improve somewhat, and although it may never reach the perfection level of No Mercy for N64, the game remains one of the most popular out there, and is usually good for hours of fun. This year, ECW has been thrown into the mix, sadly, its more of the new ECW, although the new Extreme Rules match has surprised the hell out of me, as it seems to use only elements that you'd see in the OLD ECW! As i watched the video below, I was reminded by seeing the Sandman, that every single year, this game is plagued with having an outdated roster! Last year it was Kurt Angle still being on the game even though he just debuted in TNA, and prior years were even worse with numerous guys who were no longer on the roster. This year is no exception, as WWE's latest spree of releases will once again out date the game, with Sandman and Cryme Tyme being 2 of the examples of guys who will be way outdated by the time the game hits shelves. But back to the Extreme Rules match, the game will lack the awesome roster that the original ECW had, but when was the last time the "New" ECW lit a table on fire and sent a guy crashing through it? How about a barbed wire bat....even better a FLAMING barbed wire bat? YEP, its all in the game surprisingly. Looks like they've gone all out to ensure hardcore wrestling madness in this game! I can't believe they haven't toned it down just like WWE has toned ECW down to ZERO! And to top all this off, never in a WWE game did I think i would see, 2 tables stacked on top of each other, THEN lit on fire, THEN a superplex from the TOP rope THROUGH the burning heap! WOW! Tons of weapons, fire, and violence, maybe THQ should be booking ECW? Anyways, on to the video......WWE Smackdown vs. RAW 08 hardcore madness!

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  1. this is going to be tight!!!

    i cant wait!!