Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The 1000th Blog.....Coming Soon.

UPDATE: Brought to my attention is the fact that this is actually the 965th PUBLISHED blog. I was looking at the count in the blogger dashboard which is semi retarded and it lists this as the 1000th blog. What it doesn't say is that blogs that were started but never finished and were just saved as drafts and not published also count with the normal published blogs. Gotta love blogger. Anyways fuck it, 1000th blog will be here sooner or later, read on for the original posting.

Believe it or not, this, right here, what you are reading, is the 1000th blog on this site. We started this page about 2 years ago now. Don't really got much to say about this event. Just a thanks to whoever you people are out there that keep reading this site. I invite my fellow writers to edit this blog and write their own thoughts about blogs 1 - 999 just below the picture of all of us in our former lives. So have at it, and of course, don't just get in here and write your thoughts without saying who exactly is writing it.


  1. According to the posting list on the right side of the site, you've only posted 965 blogs.

  2. This is very true, good eye on you. God I hate blogger.

  3. d'oh! I had just noticed that too but wasnt gonna say anything. Blogger is the worst.