Monday, December 29, 2008

You Know What I Hate? Fat Girls That Hate Skinny Girls

I hate fat girls, who get pissed and hate on skinny girls, just because they're skinny. Seriously fatties, shut the fuck up.

I just read this girls blog where she got all upset and depressed because her boyfriend was jerking off to pictures of girls on the internet. SKINNY GIRLS! Keep in mind this girl that caught her boyfriend is a fatty. You know what fuck it I'll just post the blog. Hang on...

My heart has been broken.

I feel so crushed right now I can barely breathe.

I cannot believe how badly I've been deceived right now.

I can't get the images out of my mind. I want to throw up.

Why is it that the worst people always somehow convince you that they are wonderful? Why do they always find me and convince me they are what will make me happy and take care of me?

And why is it that people have to be so hurtful rather than honest?

Why does some say " you're beautiful" and "you're all I need" and then they turn around and masturbate to some skinny naked girl online and refuse to touch you even though your always willing to be with them. Instead of being honest and saying, hey your too fat for me. I want what she looks like. And then things can be over with and done.

Im so tired of liars and mean people.

Is there any such thing as love even? I've been thinking lately how messed up fairy tales are. They should be banned. All they do is give young kids a promise of "love" which I think we all know doesn't exist.

There's a fake connection that for some reason we feel for someone else that we mistake for this love thing that I don't think exists.

Shut the fuck up. The only thing worse than whiney fat girls is emo fat girls. Listen, there are things out there, ready? It's crazy so just, get ready for this.... D I E T!!!!!!!!!

If you wanna be skinny so guys will like you more, stop eating burgers and fries all the damn time. I remember once a fat girl was eating half a cheeseburger, and I said, uh I thought you were telling me about going on a diet? And she said, OH I AM ON A DIET THIS BURGER IS ONLY SO MANY POINTS OFF MY WEIGHT WATCHERS....


Yeah fatty, it's still a fucking CHEESE BURGER. Maybe if you took some effort and ate a salad instead you would lose weight quicker and wouldn't be a fat crying babbling idiot.

Here is another blog by the same person....

So I've been doing a lot of thinking lately.
I have these 2 friends from high school, and I just found out they are the centerfold in decembers issue of playboy. I absolutely don't believe it. I was really good friends with them in high school.its so crazy.
It has gotten me really upset. Not about them, but about the fact that I see girls I was friends with who have actually done something with themselves and im stuck here delivering pizzas and 40 pounds overweight. I don't know how this happened. I mean its pathetic. I hate myself so badly right now.

Maybe if you didn't eat burgers all the time and claim it was part of your diet, you could be in Playboy too.

Seriously, to all fat girls out there, just shut up. If you hate being fat so much, diet. It's that easy, it's not rocket science. Going to BK and getting a whopper and fries but getting a diet coke make it ok. Now shut up and watch this video.

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