Friday, December 5, 2008

Hancock 2?!

Hancock was a strange movie. The trailers and previews made it out to be this wacky comedy where Will Smith is this grumpy superhero. Like a superhero version of Bad Santa is the best way to describe it. But actually, it was more like a dramatic action movie where Will Smith is a grumpy superhero. Not much comedy was around.

If you saw the movie, you had a feeling that something wasn't right. Upon further digging I found out that the studio got the mitts on the movie and fucked it all up. Originally Hancock was R rated. And had a pretty dark tone to the movie. But it was Will Smith and 4th of July so the studio chopped the movie to shit and edited all up to make it PG-13 and more appealing to people. Which is stupid but whatever.

Anyways Will Smith has revealed a Hancock 2 is in the works, which I am actually happy about. I kinda liked Hancock for what it was, and if they do the sequel right it could be a good movie.

Also, for those that have seen it, what the fuck is with the DVD art spoiling the whole movie? For those that have no idea what I'm talking about, and don't mind a spoiler, here we go. In the movie Will Smith is alone in the world. The only one of his kind. He also had amnesia, he has no idea where he came from, or how he got there. It is revealed near the end that Charlize Theron has the powers that he has as well, and they are not superheros or any of that stuff, but they are in fact Gods. When two Gods are near each other, their powers fade but apart they are very powerful. Anyways, all kinds of stuff goes on, but I find it strange that the studio decided to obviously show that Theron is a "superhero" of sorts on the DVD cover, kinda blowing the surprise at the end for everyone.

Anyways, Hancock 2. Cool. I'm there.

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